Male breast enlargement or ' anadrol' is a common problem in many men today. While some cases may require treatment by surgery, almost all men with the condition can see a reasonable improvement by altering their diet and lifestyle. In addition to fat loss, changes in body chemistry (ie by medications, testosterone levels) can alter the appearance of male breasts.

The most common cause of moobs is the amount of body fat of the sufferer and/or poor muscle tone. While most men suffering from a flabby chest can cure it entirely with improved nutrition and intelligent exercise, almost all men (even with a chemical imbalance causing their man boobs) can improve their chest shape with diet and exercise.

In young men man boobs may be caused by hormonal fluctuations however these are likely to be temporary. Adolescents will find that with time, and perhaps a little exercise, their chests firm up nicely. In extreme and sustained cases a medical practitioner should be consulted. Other man boob-causing hormonal imbalances include too much or too little testosterone, excess oestrogen, malnutrition or (in rarer cases) hermaphroditism. The use of some medications such as Haldol, Prilosec, Anadrol, as well as steroids and (though generally only excessive use) marijuana can cause man boobs, though rare in the case of prescription drugs. Liver function may also be a factor.

While there are no hard and fast 'cures' for male breasts, there are treatments. In extreme cases where the candidate has exhausted other options, has a low body fat percentage and the offending breasts are actual breast tissue, surgery may be an option. By far, the most effective and rewarding treatment for a flabby chest is adopting a lifestyle which promotes good nutrition and exercise. In any case, a man wishing to get rid of his anadrol should seek a professional medical opinion.

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